HNW individuals flock to Asia, Australia and US

(International Advisor) -- Australia was the country with the greatest net inflow of high net worth individuals (those with wealth of $1m or more) in 2018, a report from market research group New World Wealth has revealed.

Australia had 12,000 HNWIs flock to the country, which represented 3% year-on-year growth.

The US came second with 10,000 HNWIs, with Canada in third welcoming 4,000 rich people.

Switzerland (3,000 HNWIs) and the UAE (2,000) made up the top five.

In the opposite direction, China suffered the highest net outflows of HNWIs, with 15,000.

Russia lost 7,000 individuals, and in third India had 5,000 leave the country.

Turkey and France made up the bottom five, with 4,000 and 3,000 HNWIs departing, respectively.


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