Luxurious Travel on a Budget

Holiday planning is a stressful task, especially when you have luxury on your mind. We all have a budget and not everyone us want to spend all our savings which often makes us compromise on the best of things.

But what if we tell you luxury doesn’t mean it has to be crazy expensive? It is about time you realize luxury doesn't mean expensive. Escapes Club, Australia’s premier online platform for luxury holidays has been shattering this perception. Let's see what you missed. 

We are going to provide some expert tips on how to have a luxurious trip and make memories of a lifetime. Giving us insider tips and tricks is CEO Cameron Holland of Luxury Escapes, who tells us how to get your much-needed vacay at a reasonable price.

Planning a Vacation?

3 Things You Need to Do Before Making the Bookings

1. Remember Your passion:

It’s important to approach holiday planning with your passions in mind, not just iconic landmarks. If you are a wine enthusiast, start from there and center your travel around experiences that will enrich it.

“An item on your list could be tasting wine straight from the barrel at a private vineyard in the South of France with Alain Ducasse’s former head sommelier. The possibilities are endless, so make sure they align with your passions,” says CEO Cameron Holland.

2. What about Relaxing:

Why are you taking a holiday? Plan and make sure your bookings are conducive to your main goal.

“Have you ever heard someone come back from holiday and say they need another holiday to recover from their original holiday? It’s because what they really wanted was relaxation, but instead, they booked an action-packed getaway,” says Holland.

3. Know Your Aim:

Having a clear vision is vital. Take your sweet time, sit down and think about what you want to gain from the holiday.

“Ask yourself, do you want to meet new people? Partake in experiences that you wouldn’t have access to in your everyday life? Or are you in search of serenity so that you can properly relax and recharge?” he adds.  

Finding Luxury at Surprisingly Affordable Price

People are often shocked to hear you can have luxury on a budget. “I find people are always surprised to discover that they can travel to extremely luxurious destinations, for example, the Maldives, without the exorbitant price tags. If you’re smart about booking a holiday, you can visit your dream destination for a much more palatable price,” shares Holland.

All-inclusive Packages: 

These are some great ways of keeping costs down, especially if you’re traveling to a destination where the cost of living is quite expensive.

“For example, if you’re about to holiday on a remote island be wary that the lack of restaurant competition and the need to import products will push up the price of meals. Paying upfront for your transfers, meals, beverages and even activities like spa treatments or tours means there are no nasty surprises upon checkout and you can leave your wallet in your hotel room!” he explains.

Be Smart About the Deal: 

Look for deals that offer indulgent inclusions that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

Indian & Asian Destinations

Best Deals in India:

Giving some recommendations in India, Holland says Goa and South India have some great places to visit.

“Goa is one destination where there is always a deal to be had. Properties such as Resort Rio and the Postcard collection of resorts are great options. The hills of South India are proving to be a gold-mine too and we've seen fantastic value for money deals at luxury properties such as Wild Planet, Nilgiris; Ayatana, Coorg and Glyngarth, Ooty with added benefits such as Plantation Walks, Evening tea sessions, Ayurveda massages and more,” he suggests.

Best Deals in Asian Countries: 

Talking about Asian countries Thailand and Bali are the hot favourites in South East Asia but lately, some destinations such as Hilton Osaka, Japan, and the Royal Sands KohRong, Cambodia have gained popularity as well.

“Grand Hyatt, Sanya - otherwise dubbed 'the Hawaii of China' has a pretty spectacular deal which at times even gives Club Lounge access. Think unlimited snacking, sunset cocktails and a room overlooking the ocean! The Maldives is another favourite where even luxury brands such as Park Hyatt are willing to go the extra mile to offer guests something special to come experience their hospitality,” says Holland.


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