The Private Suite at LAX is Next Level Travel

(Travel Pulse) “You name it and I’ve probably driven them,” my Private Suite driver says as we wheel around in a BMW 7-Series sedan on the tarmac at LAX Airport, completely bypassing the chaos inside on a busy weekend.

Only, he isn’t going to identify anyone famous he’s provided service to no matter who’s asking – even if Mom and Dad beg to know.

Dressed in a fine suit like a member of the secret service, our driver met us the second got off the plane and led us to our vehicle already waiting on the tarmac.

Premium luxury is the name of the game, and privacy is taken very seriously here.

It is the first of its kind and specially designed for first and business class travelers (and celebrities). It provides not only high-quality convenience, luxury and privacy at LAX Airport. It was modeled after VIP services that proved successful at many major overseas airports like London’s Heathrow Airport as well as airports in Munich, Frankfurt, and Dubai, among others.

“We are very proud to be delivering a world-class experience at LAX,” said Joshua Gausman, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of The Private Suite.

“We’ve managed to remove literally every hassle from the traditional on-the-ground airport experience. No traffic, no lines, no long walks, no crowded airline lounges or gate areas. Instead our members experience a private retreat with endless amenities, a fast, peaceful and private TSA experience, and a drive across the airfield to your waiting aircraft. And a lightning-fast international arrivals process in our own customs and immigration lounge.”

The TSA experience is hassle-free and private. You are literally the only group walking through. Entering through a private gate to the facility, which astonished our Lyft driver just as much as us, we were swiftly led to our suite room where multiple amenities were on full display.

After relaxing for an hour or so, we were then escorted through the fastest TSA experience we've ever had and then driven straight to our plane.

“We continue to elevate our game at LAX, creating personalized, life-changing experiences for our members,” Gausman said.

The Private Suite staff handles all luggage pick ups. Each suite features its own bathroom, food-service pantry, pre-order option for meals, a two-person daybed, complimentary in-suite meals, in-suite massages, manicures, haircuts, children's toys, use of Members’ Shower Spa, parking and detailing for a personal car as well as use of the Members’ Conference Room and video-conference studio.

You can also arrange a Concierge Doctor to be at your suite, which my driver said he has organized several times.

It’s luxury to the max. And why travel any other way after you've had a taste?

So, what’s next for the company? 

“We are the only company in the United States offering anything close to this level of service at a commercial airport,” Gausman said. “We’d like our members to experience that same ease when they travel to key cities in North America and around the world, and we’re in active negotiations with many airports to do just that.

“The Private Suite at JFK will launch next year, and it will be similar in size to our LAX location,” Gausman said.

New York City is the next spot after the success at LAX.

But what is beyond these two big American cities?

“We are exploring a number of airports in North America, and airports continue to approach us. It’s likely The Private Suite will be in Miami next year as well. We are the only VIP remote terminal approved by TSA and Customs and Border Protection, and we’re very proud of our relationship with the airport, the airlines, the police, and the federal authorities we work with every day.”

Both travel agents and consumers can make a booking directly from the website. It is super user-friendly.

There's an annual membership fee of $4,500, with domestic one-way service priced at $2,700 and international one-way service priced at $3,000 for members. That includes up to three complimentary companions and all the luxury benefits. Non-members can use the Private Suite to bypass the airport for a cost of $3,500 for domestic one-way service and $4,000 for international one-way service. However, non-members only get up to two complimentary companions and no access to the special perks like the Concierge doctor on call, among others.


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