Travel in Style for Fashion Week 2019

(Travel Daily News) September is an important month for fashion lovers. It sees the start of major fashion weeks in London, New York and Milan. Drawing in thousands of visitors and A-list celebrities, these events are huge.

Here, we’ll look at each of these popular fashion shows and the logistics of transporting the clothing and models to each event.

When does fashion week commence?
There are four fashion weeks taking place in September including London, Milan, Paris and New York. 

London Fashion Week begins on September 13th, running until September 17th. It runs directly after New York Fashion week which started on September 6th until the 14th. The Milan Fashion Week stats after that, running from September 17th through until September 23rd. Finally, the Paris Fashion Week begins on September 23rd until October 1st. 

The majority of Fashion Week’s are usually invitation only. They are reserved for celebrities, influencers and select members of the fashion industry and press. However, London Fashion Week this year is taking a different approach. It’s the only Fashion Week to open itself up to members of the public.

There will be shows from all of the major designers, each showing off their Spring and Summer 2020 collections. Designers such as Victoria Beckham, Molly Goddard and Belstaff, will all be at the London event. 

Limited tickets into the shows are available to purchase. As well as standard tickets, VIP tickets are also available. These provide front row seats, along with access to a VIP lounge and a bagful of goodies. 

How do the fashion elite travel to these shows?
Some celebrities and members of the fashion elite travel to numerous Fashion Weeks one after the other. So, how do they get there? Well, it appears many travel by private jet. 

Private jets have become a popular way to travel in recent years. They’ve always been popular with the rich and famous, but a drop in price has made them accessible to a wider audience. Those involved within the numerous Fashion Week’s across the globe need to travel quickly, as well as transport a lot of clothing and accessories. Private jets provide the perfect solution to this.

By traveling via private jet, celebrities and designers can jet off much quicker, as well as take all of their belongings without going through extensive security checks. Of course, private jets are also luxurious and comfortable. 

With the Fashion Week’s now commencing, designers and celebrities will have already booked their private jet transportation. It’s certainly a busy month for fashion lovers. The fact members of the public can purchase tickets into the London event is an exciting development.


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